Hall Dismantling 2021

Platz 3 und 4 und Halle

Our hall has been standing there for the entire winter without us being able to play more than three rallies in it.

For a few weeks now, the motor of the hall has been giving us a lot of trouble. Our expert strongly advises us to drain the hall and repair the motor.

In order to prevent a motor damage and an expensive repair, we need to take this as an opportunity and dismantle the hall directly.

We hereby cordially invite you to the dismantling of the hall:

Hall Dismantling

Sunday, April 11, 2021, from 8 a.m. on our facility.

To ensure traceability, please register exclusively via this link: https://www.eversports.de/e/class/VD-h64PAZ

There will be lists on site where you can register. As you all know, every year every member over the age of 14 is required to work (or pay) 5 hours. The hall dismantling is the perfect opportunity to earn work hours and get to know our new gastronomy. They will offer take-away drinks and snacks.

Hygiene precautions

An FFP2 mask must be worn during all times while dismantling to minimize the risk of corona infections. The clubhouse remains closed except for the toilets.