FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the Treptower Teufel Tennis Club

Here we provide answers to the most common questions our players have about our club and the courts.

How do I arrange a coaching lesson with the Treptower Teufel?

Contact the club trainer Stephan Burwieck. Tel.: 01774724689 or Mail: stephbu@gmx.de

How and when can I get a trial training with the Treptower Teufel?

A trial training is usually the first direct contact of interested players with our tennis club. The club coach is the appropriate contact person for this.
There are two possibilities for a trial training.
i) In summer, the trial training takes place as part of the newcomer training and is free of charge. The date for this is from the beginning of May to the end of September always on Monday, at 7 pm.
ii) The second option is an individual training with our trainers. In this case, a date can be arranged and one hour of training will take place. The costs for this training hour will be agreed with the trainers.

This trial training can take place in summer and winter.

Children and young people have their trial training within the children and youth training of our club. They can train twice for free, after that a membership is necessary.

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How to become a member of Treptower Teufel Tennis Club?

It is possible to become a member of Treptower Teufel Tennis Club at any time. A membership year begins in January, or the month of joining the club and ends in December. All members (14 years of age and older) are required to work 5 hours.

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Do the Treptower Teufel have rental rackets and balls?

Rental rackets and test rackets are available by arrangement from the coaches. Balls are available in the ball rack. New balls can be purchased from the coaches.

What shoes do you need for the Treptower Teufel?

Tennis shoes must be used for playing on the tennis courts. Playing with soccer shoes or other shoes with a strongly pronounced sole profile is not possible on our courts.

Can guests play at the Treptower Teufel?

In generell, the outdoor courts of the Treptower Teufel are reserved for members. However, members may play on our courts with a guest for a fee. To ensure that our courts are primarily available to members, each member may only play on our outdoor courts with a guest up to 3 times per season.

When is the membership fee due?

The membership fees for the entire year have to be paid by February 1st.

New members in their first year pay the membership fee at the time of admission to the club. (Kindly note: In the following year, membership fees are due on February 1st regardless of the date of admission to the club).

Do you have more questions? You can always ask any of our coaches or send an email to kontakt@treptower-teufel.de.