New Membership Fees as of 2023


The TTTC continues to be a respected and sought-after club. With 380 members at the end of 2022, we are completely booked up and had to put more than 100 interested people on a waiting list.

The Extraordinary General Meeting on 25 November 2022 approved an increase in membership fees from 1 January 2023. This will enable us to cope with the considerable increase in operating costs and to concentrate on sporting matters and goals without financial stress. You can find the new membership fees below.

Due to the changeover, the dues will not be invoiced this year until 17 February 2023.

Membership Fees as of 2023

Adults300 €
Pupils, apprentices, students up to 25180 €
Youths with training250 €
Youths without training
(10% discount for one of 2 active members in a cohabitation under 18)
150 €
Passive members: Adults40 €
Passive members: Pupils, apprentices, students up to 25 120 €

Additional Fees

Admission fee adults75 €
Admission fee children50 €
Admission fee grandchildren of members25 €
Delay charge20 €
Chip fee (one-time)15 €
Door chip (annual)5 €
Cloakroom locker20 €

Working Assignment

All members (from 14 years of age) are obliged to work 5 hours per year. The main focus is on hall construction and dismantling. For hours not worked, 15 € per hour will be due on 1 February of the following year. Members leaving at the end of the year must pay the monetary compensation by 1 November of the year.