Hall set-up on October 9th

Platz 3 und 4 und Halle

On Saturday, October 9th, we will set up our airdome to start the winter season.

From 08:00 you can help us with the construction. We will work in 2 shifts: 08:00-13:00 and 12:00-17:00. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, please bring masks as we will be working inside the hall especially later.

Please sign up in the list on site so that we can record your working hours. You can register in advance via Eversports so that we have a rough idea of how many helpers will be coming.

Please note that every active member over 14 years of age has to work 5 hours per year. For each hour not worked, 10 Euros per hour will be due with the next membership invoice. Passive members do not have to work, but active members who leave at the end of this year do.

Indoor play will start on October 11th, but the outdoor courts will remain open until the first freeze.

We hope for a lot of support!

Sporty greetings,

Your board