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Information about the hall closure according to the 10th Infection Protection Ordinance (as of 03.11.2020)

Hello dear members,

we unfortunately have to inform you today that we have to close our airdome with immediate effect. We received the decision to close from the district yesterday.

Today, we have again set all the levers in motion to change the mind of the district, unfortunately without success. Of course, we know that the health of all is in the first place, but nevertheless – but especially because the Infection Protection Ordinance does not prohibit the implementation of contact sports in pairs even in the halls – we had hoped for a different result.

Due to the different message, among others of the TVBB, we were very confident to still get the permission. In our case, however, the district has the power to decide and so we have no choice but to accept the closure of our airdome and leave our outdoor courts open for you as long as possible. Only singles may be played there.

As of now, we are closing our hall until November 30, 2020. Fortunately, the weather is playing along quite well in the next few days, so we are confident that we will be able to fully use courts 3-8 at least this week and next. Please be sure to reserve your courts in advance through Eversport, as we have done in previous months, so that we can ensure traceability.

The locker rooms, showers and our gastro will also be closed. So please come already dressed to the courts and leave the facility immediately after the training. Should we have to send the courts into hibernation due to weather conditions, we will inform you immediately.

As soon as there are updates on the current situation, we will get back to you.

Hang in there and stay healthy!

Your board