Club restaurant opening & newcomer training starts

Our club restaurant

Our club restaurant is finally allowed to reopen. Of course, as with all other gastronomic establishments, there are some conditions:

  • The gastronomy may open from Friday, May 19th.
  • Only the outdoor restaurant will be open, the indoor restaurant will remain closed.
  • Tables must be reserved in advance. Please use the direct contact to Aci at 0163 2336846 (call or WhatsApp).
  • A prerequisite for visiting our Gastro is a negative Corona test of all guests. This is not required for people who have already been vaccinated or are recovering.
  • Aci will continue to offer take away food and drinks for which you do not need a test / vaccination.

» More about our club restaurant (de)

Group play and newcomer training starting in June

Doubles, as well as training in groups, will also be allowed again soon:

  • From June 4th, up to 10 people will be allowed on the court.
  • Again, the prerequisite is that you are either vaccinated or tested negative.
  • Our newcomer training starts on Monday, June 7th (always on Mondays at 7 pm at Stephan’s).
  • Until June 4th only singles are still allowed.

Matches & tournaments starting June 12th

Doppel auf den Plätzen 3 und 4
Tournaments will start in June

Tournaments are also allowed starting June 4th. Of course, testing is compulsory here as well. Matches will take place from June 12th. The tennis association will send us and we will send the team captains separate information on this. Matches that were scheduled before June 12th will be rescheduled – unless they take place in Brandenburg, where competition is already permitted.

Please check the TVBB regularly for the latest information: » Treptower Teufel at TVBB.

Your tests will be checked by the board, the groundsman Jürgen, the caterer Aci and possibly also by the police. Please always carry proof of vaccination or negative test results with you. Please take the obligation to test seriously, as the club and you personally may be subject to considerable penalties if violations are found. Our first experience with a police check was during the dismantling of the hall. Here we were able to avoid a fine.

The booking of seats via Eversport is still obligatory and at the same time serves as a contact tracing system for us. In addition, of course, masks are still compulsory. Changing rooms and showers remain closed.

By the way, you can find all test centres at The test centre in the Bärenquell brewery offers free testing via drive-in without pre-registration:

And there’s always something happening on our Facebook page too! Feel free to follow us and stay up to date. We highly recommend a visit to the restaurant. Aci’s cooking is super tasty. Our favourite is the Oriental pizza with an Aperol Spritz! Cheers!